Season 2 – BrickStar

How do I get the Brickstar update? 

If you’ve already installed Brick-Force, simply go ahead and start the client. It will patch the game to the latest version with all the shiny new space content in it.

If you haven’t installed Brick-Force yet, you will need to download the client and wait until the patcher has downloaded all the necessary files.

If you are using the browser version you don’t have to do anything at all except enjoy the new content.

Is it possible to delete maps in order to create ones with Brickstar content? 

Yes. With the new Brickstar content you have the chance to delete old maps.

Are there special bricks with the new season? 

Yes, the new season brings a whole range of new bricks, some of which have special functionalities, such as booster bricks which enable you jump higher or gravity bricks which enable you to adjust the gravity on your map.

I’m getting hit when running through fire, is this correct? 

In fact yes, we decided to change the fire a bit to make it more realistic and add more challenge to maps. Now you don’t only have to watch the enemy but also be aware of your surroundings!

Is it possible to set gravity to zero (no gravity at all) so you can actually fly? 

The minimum possible gravity setting is -100. With this active, you can experience almost zero gravity but depending on the settings of the map you will land sooner or later.

Is it possible to add new bricks to old maps? 

You can use all the new bricks in your old maps slots. But you have to re-register your map as usual, to play with the new bricks.

Are there new play rooms for Brickstar maps or do they show up in the existing ones? 

They are part of the normal game room list.

Are there new clothes available with the update? 

Yes! With the new Season we introduced several new outfits fitting to the space theme. You are able to play as an alien, as a space man, evil genius and much more.

Are there new weapons or just re-skins of existing ones? 

The weapons are brand new and were designed for the Update with completely new stats, strengths and weaknesses.

Do the new weapons have any special features? 

Yes! Some of our new space weapons have special features, such as a secondary grenade launcher function, activated with the right mouse button.

I’m a huge fan of shotguns; is there one in the update? 

We were listening closely and the good news is that there is a brand new shotgun available in Brick-Force with the Brickstar update.

Do we receive more Map slots with this update? 

There are no new map slots per default but you do have the opportunity to obtain an item that will grant you additional slots.

Is the new equipment usable on the old maps? 

Yes of course. There are no restrictions at all. Of course that means that the old equipment is usable on the new maps as well.


Can anyone play Brick-Force now? 

There are no restrictions, everyone can play. All you have to do is register an account and either download the client or play in your internet browser.

Will my points, clan, registered map or achievements in Brick-Force be permanent? 

Yes, there will no longer be any point resets or inventory wipes. Everything you do in Brick-Force from now on will be saved – to infinity and beyond!

When attempting to log in, I receive the message “Invalid Login Information”. 

Please try and login with your email address and password. Nicknames will not work as your login username. If you still can’t access the game after registering successfully, please contact customer support: http://support.infernum.com.

What happened to my clan? 

All clans created during the Closed Beta phase were wiped after Closed Beta ended.

How do I submit bug reports and feedback? 

Bug reports and feedback can be posted on our official forums. We read almost all of your feedback and appreciate your support to help us make Brick-Force even better!

How do I contact Customer Support? 

You can reach our support team via the Brick-Force Support portal: http://support.infernum.com/

I didn’t receive an email confirmation after registering on the Brick-Force website. 

Please check your junk mail folder. If you still can’t find your registration confirmation mail, please contact our customer support.

What can I expect from Brick-Force in the future? 

We will continue to add new updates and new content to Brick-Force. We have a lot of exciting stuff planned. For more information, visit the ‘Coming Soon’ page.

How does upgrading work? 

Enter the shop section “Upgrades” to buy a Gem. Select an item that you want to upgrade by clicking on it in your inventory and click the little blue “Item Upgrade” button on the bottom to enter the upgrade interface. Upgrading an item which has not yet been enhanced will never fail. However, if you upgrade an already enhanced item, there might be a chance of failure. Elite Gems give you the ultimate upgrade. They will never fail, aren’t bound to any rank and you can select yourself which property you want to upgrade.

Brick-Force in your Browser

Which Internet browser do I need to play Brick-Force? 

You can play Brick-Force with most popular internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Which Operating systems are supported by Brick-Force? 

Currently Brick-Force is playable on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. The browser version is also playable on MAC OS X.

Will there be a Linux version in the future? 

Brick-Force is built on the Unity 3D game engine, for which Linux compatibility is planned. However, there is no confirmed date of when this will happen. In the meantime, Linux users can play Brick-Force via the open source software “Wine”, however we can’t guarantee a smooth gameplay experience.

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